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mercredi 31 janvier 2024

Mardi 6 février 2024, à Vincennes (94), pour parler d’intelligence artificielle

 Mardi 6 février 2024, je serai à Vincennes (94), au lycée Notre Dame de la Providence, pour donner une conférence en anglais devant une quarantaine d’élèves français et espagnols (échange Erasmus) de seconde, sur le thème de l’intelligence artificielle :

• a brief history of artificial intelligence
• how artificial intelligence works: example of generative AI such as ChatGPT
• statistical operation that can only generate errors ("hallucinations")
training data, a source of bias
AI requires computer servers that consume a lot of electricity and water
• examples of how AI is used in everyday life: image recognition for fruit and vegetable scales in supermarkets, ChatGPT for learning, creating the avatar of a deceased person...
• ethical issues raised by the use of AI: automatic weapons, copyright and privacy issues, fake news, deep fakes, creating the avatar of a deceased person, tagging content produced by AI, the wages of people paid by the hour to train AI, how to regulate AI...
• Q&A